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Traveling Mallorca

Trip to CALVIA Santa Ponca

Santa Ponsa derives its name from a Roman villa called Sancta Pontia. Santa Ponsa is where King James I of Aragon (Jaume in Catalan) landed on September 12, 1229 in his successful quest to conquer the island and take it from the Moors after more than 300 years of Muslim rule.

Majorca became part of the Kingdom of Aragon following James’s conquest, and was later annexed to the Kingdom of Spain. A cross at the entrance to the marina marks the spot where James landed. Every September there is a grand fiesta to commemorate the landing with a mock battle between the Moors and Christians on the beach. It is a two-week fiesta which incorporates a pop concert and firework display.

The town is popular holiday destination and attracts people from countries with colder climates such as Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain, especially from May to October. Some have bought villas and apartments in the hills on each side of the bay. In recent years, it has become a popular party destination among youths due to its great nightlife and it’s close distance to Magaluf, another party area.


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